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Red River Levee and Drainage District

c/o William F. Waltman Sr. or Marie Woodard
P. O. Box 433
Coushatta, LA 71019

(318) 663-6308

R.S. 38:291(N); 304

     Member      Address
Anderson, Marlan W.383 King Hill Road
Coushatta, LA 71019
Carpenter, Carl W.CWC Services
483 Cotton Patch Road
Pelican, LA 71063-2501
Cason, Daniel E.1680 Hwy 515
Coushatta, LA 71019-5633
Forrest, Milton R.7168 Hwy. 371
Coushatta, LA 71019-6421
Waltman, William F. Sr.554 Yearwood Road
Shreveport, LA 71115-9472

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