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      RS 45:844.14     


§844.14.  Listing procedures; prohibited acts

A.(1)  Any residential telephonic subscriber desiring to be placed on a "do not call" listing shall be placed on that listing upon the commission's receipt of a request form.  This listing shall be effective for five years and renewed by the commission upon receipt of a renewal notice.

(2)(a)  The commission or its contractor shall update its "do not call" listing no less than quarterly.  The listing shall include the telephonic numbers, but not the names or addresses of residential telephonic subscribers, arranged by area code and numerical sequence, who do not want to receive telephonic solicitations, as defined in this Chapter.

(b)  No later than January 1, 2006, the commission or its contractor shall update its "do not call" listing monthly.

(3)(a)  Telephonic solicitors, as defined in this Chapter, doing business in this state shall obtain copies of the "do not call" listing by paying a fee to the commission in an amount not to exceed the costs incurred by the commission or its contractor in the presentation, production, and distribution of that listing.  The commission shall offer a statewide listing and shall also offer listings of areas within the state.  The determination of the number and definition of areas shall be within the discretion of the commission.

(b)  In order to obtain copies of the "do not call" listing, a telephonic solicitor shall, in addition to paying the applicable fee, register with the commission, pay any registration fee as required by the commission, and provide all necessary documentation as required by the commission.  Such telephonic solicitor, as defined in this Chapter, may maintain a bond in the amount of twenty thousand dollars in favor of the state of Louisiana to guarantee the payment of any administrative penalties assessed pursuant to this Chapter and file a copy of such bond with the commission.

(4)(a)  All fees and penalties imposed pursuant to this Section shall be made payable to the Louisiana Public Service Commission for the administration of this Chapter and shall be dedicated to such purpose.  The fees and penalties collected shall be remitted by the commission to the state treasury and credited to the Bond Security and Redemption Fund.  After a sufficient amount is allocated from that fund to pay all obligations secured by the full faith and credit of the state which become due and payable within the fiscal year, the treasurer, prior to placing such remaining funds in the state general fund, shall pay an amount equal to the total amount of funds paid into the state treasury by the commission into a special fund which is hereby created in the state treasury and designated as the "Telephonic Solicitation Relief Fund".

(b)  The monies in the Telephonic Solicitation Relief Fund shall be used solely for the implementation, administration, and enforcement of this Chapter.  Any surplus monies and interest remaining to the credit of the fund on June thirtieth of each year shall remain to the credit of the fund and no part thereof shall revert to the state general fund.

B.  Repealed by Acts 2006, No. 418, §2.

C.  Any telephonic solicitation made by a telephonic solicitor to a residential telephonic subscriber whose number appears on the commission's then current "do not call" listing, or the National Do Not Call Registry, if applicable, is prohibited, except as authorized by this Chapter or the Federal Do Not Call Law.

Acts 2001, No. 40, §1, eff. May 24, 2001; Acts 2003, No. 836, §1; Acts 2004, No. 857, §1, eff. July 12, 2004; Acts 2006, No. 418, §§1, 2.

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