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      RS 47:352     


§352.  Collector authorized to make rules and regulations

A.  The collector shall make and enforce all rules and regulations necessary for the proper, complete, and equitable collection of the tax levied by this Chapter.  He may adopt different rules and regulations and forms for different classes or kinds of businesses, uniform as to each class, if by so doing the collection of the full amount of taxes due under this Chapter may be simplified and made more certain.  

B.  The collector may make and publish reasonable rules and regulations, not inconsistent with law, for the enforcement of the provisions of this Chapter and collection of the revenue hereunder.  

Amended by Acts 1950, No. 105, §1; Acts 1986, No. 1017, §1, eff. Jan. 1, 1987.  

{{NOTE:  SEE ACTS 1986, NO. 1017, §3, AND ACTS 1986, 1ST EX. SESS., NO. 18, §1.}}

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