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      RS 47:44.1     


§44.1.  Annual retirement or disability income; exemption from taxation

A.  Six thousand dollars of annual retirement income which is received by an individual sixty-five years of age or older shall be exempt from state income taxation.  "Annual retirement income" is defined as pension and annuity income which is included in "tax table income" as defined in R.S. 47:293.  This Section shall not affect the status of any income which is exempt from state income taxation by law.

B.  Six thousand dollars of annual disability income received by an individual shall be exempt from state income taxation. For purposes of this Subsection, "disability income" means payment for permanent total disability as provided for in R.S. 23:1221(2).  However, any individual claiming an exemption for the blind, for having sustained the loss of one or more limbs, for intellectual disability, or for deafness as provided for in R.S. 47:79(A)(2) shall not be eligible for this exemption.

Added by Acts 1981, No. 880, §1.  Amended by Acts 1982, No. 96, §1; Acts 2000, No. 34, §1, eff. January 1, 2001; Acts 2014, No. 811, §25, eff. June 23, 2014.

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