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      RS 51:224     


§224.  Educational institutions

A.  No person shall use for any commercial purpose any name, work, symbol, or device or any combination thereof which resembles the official name, symbol, seal, or logo of a public or accredited private educational institution except with the written consent of the public or private educational institution.  

B.  In addition to remedies otherwise provided in this Subpart, any educational institution may enforce the provisions of this Section by a civil suit, including a suit to enjoin any violations hereof.  Upon finding that a person knowingly violated this Section, a court may award damages, including an award of all profits derived from the said violation and may order the destruction of those items bearing the name, work, symbol, or device in violation of this Section.  

Added by Acts 1979, No. 762, §3.  Acts 1983, No. 89, §1.  

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