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      CCRP 263     


Art. 263.  Form of demand for extradition; necessary papers

A demand for the extradition of a person wanted in another state shall not be recognized by the governor unless the demand is in writing and states the purpose for which he is wanted.  The demand must be accompanied by:

(1)  A statement of facts by the prosecuting officer having jurisdiction of the crime, and by a copy of an indictment found or of an information filed in the state having jurisdiction of the crime, or by a copy of an affidavit made before a magistrate there, together with a copy of any warrant which was issued thereupon; or

(2)  A copy of a judgment of conviction or of a sentence imposed in execution thereof, together with a statement by the executive authority of the demanding state that the person claimed has escaped from confinement or has broken the terms of his bail, probation, parole, furlough, or reprieve.

The indictment, information, or affidavit made before the magistrate must substantially charge the person demanded with having committed a crime under the law of that state; and the copy of the indictment, information, affidavit, judgment of conviction, or sentence must be authenticated by the executive authority making the demand.

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