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      CCRP 353     


Art. 353.  Application for writ; form and contents

An application for a writ of habeas corpus shall be by written petition addressed to a competent court by the person in custody or by some other person in his behalf.  If the custody is by virtue of or under pretext of a court order, a copy of such order shall be annexed to the petition, or the petition shall allege that a copy of it has been demanded and refused.  The petition shall further allege:

(1)  The name of the person in custody and the place of custody if known, or if not known, a statement to that effect;

(2)  The name of the custodian, if known, or if not known, a designation or description of him as far as possible; and

(3)  A statement of facts upon which the petition is based, which statement may be supported by affidavits filed with the petition.

The application shall conclude with a prayer for the issuance of the writ.  It shall be signed by the applicant and be accompanied by an affidavit that the allegations contained in the petition are true to the best of the affiant's information and belief.

Amended by Acts 1976, No. 382, §1; Acts 1980, No. 429, §2, eff. Jan. 1, 1981.

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