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      CCRP 413     


            NOTE: This provision of law was included in the Unconstitutional Statutes Biennial Report to the Legislature, dated March 14, 2016.

Art. 413. Method of impaneling of grand jury; selection of foreman

            A. The grand jury shall consist of twelve persons plus no fewer than two nor more than four alternates qualified to serve as jurors, selected or drawn from the grand jury venire.

            B. The sheriff or his designee, or the clerk or a deputy clerk of court, or the jury commissioner shall draw indiscriminately and by lot from the envelope containing the remaining names on the grand jury venire a sufficient number of names to complete the grand jury. The envelope containing the remaining names shall be replaced into the grand jury box for use in filling vacancies as provided in Article 415. The court shall cause a random selection to be made of one person from the impaneled grand jury to serve as foreman of the grand jury.

            C. The alternate grand jurors shall receive the charge as provided in Article 432 but shall not be sworn nor become members of the grand jury except as provided in Article 415.

            Acts 1990, No. 47, §1; Acts 1999, No. 984, §1; Acts 2001, No. 281, §§1, 2; Acts 2010, No. 347, §1; Acts 2016, No. 389, §1.

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