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      CCRP 418     


Art. 418.  Drawing petit jury venire in Orleans parish; number chosen; term of service; petit jury venire list

A.  In Orleans Parish upon order of the court the jury commission shall draw a petit jury venire.

B.  The jury commission shall draw indiscriminately and by lot as many name slips from the general venire box as a court may direct, not less than seventy-five, for service as petit jurors during the next monthly session of that judge's section of court.

C.  The commission shall prepare a list of the persons drawn which shall constitute the petit jury venire list.  This list, together with the name slips drawn, shall be delivered to the judge ordering the drawing.

D.  The commission shall prepare subpoenas directed to the persons on the petit jury venire and cause them to be served in accordance with the provisions of Article 404.1(B) or R.S. 15:112, as directed by the court.

Acts 1987, No. 281, §1.

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