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      CCRP 533     


Art. 533.  Special grounds for motion to quash grand jury indictment

A motion to quash an indictment by a grand jury may also be based on one or more of the following grounds:

(1)  The manner of selection of the general venire, the grand jury venire, or the grand jury was illegal.

(2)  An individual grand juror was not qualified under Article 401.

(3)  A person, other than a grand juror, was present while the grand jurors were deliberating or voting, or an unauthorized person was present when the grand jury was examining a witness.

(4)  Less than nine grand jurors were present when the indictment was found.

(5)  The indictment was not indorsed "a true bill," or the endorsement was not signed by the foreman of the grand jury.

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