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      CCRP 657.1     


Art. 657.1. Conditional release; criteria

            A. At any time the court considers a recommendation from the hospital-based review panel that the person may be discharged or released on probation, it may place the insanity acquittee on conditional release if it finds the following:

            (1) Based on the factors which the court shall consider pursuant to Article 657, he does not need inpatient hospitalization but needs outpatient treatment, supervision, and monitoring to prevent his condition from deteriorating to a degree that he would likely become dangerous to self and others.

            (2) Appropriate outpatient treatment, supervision, and monitoring are reasonably available.

            (3) There is significant reason to believe that the insanity acquittee, if conditionally released, would comply with the conditions specified.

            (4) Conditional release will not present an undue risk of danger to others or self, as defined in R.S. 28:2.

            B. The court shall subject a conditionally released insanity acquittee to such orders and conditions it deems will best meet the acquittee's need for treatment, supervision, and monitoring and will best serve the interests of justice and society.

            C. These provisions for conditional release may also be applied to discharges of pretrial defendants found unrestorably incompetent to proceed pursuant to Article 648(B).

            Acts 1995, No. 800, §1; Acts 2017, No. 369, §5.

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