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      CCRP 724     



Art. 724.  Documents and tangible objects

When the court grants relief sought by the defendant under Article 718 of this Code, it shall upon the motion of the district attorney, condition its order by requiring the defendant to disclose to the state, and to permit or authorize the state, or an expert working with the state, to inspect, copy, examine, test scientifically, photograph, or otherwise reproduce books, papers, documents, photographs, tangible objects, buildings, places, or copies, or portions thereof, that are in the possession, custody, or control of the defendant, and that the defendant intends to use in evidence at the trial.

Added by Acts 1977, No. 515, §1; Acts 2013, No. 250, §1.

NOTE:  See Acts 2013, No. 250, §2, relative to applicability

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