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      CCRP 762     


Art. 762.  Place of sessions of court

Sessions of court shall be held at the parish courthouse and, if there is more than one courthouse in a parish, sessions may be held at any such courthouse, or sessions may be held at places within the parish other than the courthouse or courthouses in the discretion of the court:

(1)  To take the testimony of witnesses who are so incapacitated that they cannot attend the trial in the parish courthouse;

(2)  To allow the jury or judge to view the place where the crime or any material part thereof is alleged to have occurred, or to view an object which is admissible in evidence but which is difficult to produce in court.  At this view, the court shall not permit the taking of evidence except in connection with the place or object; or

(3)  When the courthouse in which the sessions are usually held is unsuitable for use, or there is no courthouse.

Amended by Acts 1972, No. 354, §1.

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