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      CCRP 765     


Art. 765.  Normal order of trial

The normal order of trial shall be as follows:

(1)  The selection and swearing of the jury;

(2)  The reading of the indictment;

(3)  The reading of the defendant's plea on arraignment;

(4)  The opening statements of the state and of the defendant;

(5)  The presentation of the evidence of the state, and of the defendant, and of the state in rebuttal.  The court in its discretion may permit the introduction of additional evidence prior to argument;

(6)  The argument of the state, the defendant, and the state in rebuttal;

(7)  The court's charge;

(8)  The announcement of the verdict or mistrial in jury cases, or of the judgment in nonjury cases; and

(9)  The discharge of the jury in jury cases.

When there is more than one defendant, the court shall determine the order of trial as between them.

A defendant may waive his opening statement.

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