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      CCRP 812     


Art. 812. Same; polling and disposition of jury

            A. The court shall order the clerk to poll the jury if requested by the state or the defendant. The poll shall be conducted in writing by applying the procedures of this Article, and shall be done in open court.

            B.(1) The procedure for the written polling of the jury shall require that the clerk hand to each juror a separate piece of paper containing the name of the juror and the words "Is this your verdict?" Each juror shall write on the slip of paper the words "Yes" or "No" along with his signature. The clerk shall collect the slips of paper, make them available for inspection by the court and counsel, and record the results.

            (2) If a sufficient number of jurors as required by law to reach a verdict answer "yes" the clerk shall so inform the court. Upon verification of the results, the court shall order the clerk to record the verdict and order the jury discharged. If an insufficient number required to find a verdict answer "Yes," the court may remand the jury for further deliberation, or the court may declare a mistrial in accordance with Article 775. The polling slips may be placed under seal upon order of the court, which shall state the specific reasons for placing the polling slips under seal. If so ordered the polling slips shall not be released to the public without a subsequent order of the court authorizing their release. If the court orders the release of the polling slips, the names of the jurors shall be redacted.

            Amended by Acts 1975, No. 475, §1; Acts 2018, No. 335, §1.

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