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      CCRP 844     


Art. 844.  Assignment of errors; sanctions for failure to file timely

A.  The party appealing shall file with the appellate court a written designation of those errors which are to be urged on appeal and furnish a copy to the trial judge and all counsel.  This assignment of errors shall be filed in accordance with the uniform rules of the appropriate appellate court.

B.  If the appellant fails to comply with these provisions and fails to secure an extension in accordance with Article 916(1), the trial judge on his own motion or motion of the clerk or any party or upon referral by the appellate court and after hearing shall either:

(1)  Extend the time within which the assignment of errors shall be filed.

(2)  Impose a fine not to exceed five hundred dollars upon the appellant or his attorney or both if the failure is found by the court to be arbitrary and capricious.

C.  If the record is not lodged in the appellate court within sixty days after the motion for the appeal is made or within the extended time granted by the proper court or if the record is lodged in the appellate court without an assignment of errors, the appellate court may adjudge the appellant, his attorney, or both guilty of contempt of court and impose a punishment authorized by law.

D.  The trial judge may submit such per curiam comments as he desires.

Amended by Acts 1974, No. 207, §1; Acts 1980, No. 537, §1; Acts 1981, No. 296, §1; Acts 1984, No. 527, §1; Acts 1997, No. 642, §1.

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