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      CCRP 893.5     


Art. 893.5.  Community service in lieu of imprisonment

A.  Except as otherwise prohibited by law, the court may suspend, in whole or in part, the imposition or execution of sentence if:

(1)  The defendant has not previously been convicted of a felony.

(2)  The maximum term of imprisonment for the offense is thirty years or less.

(3)  The court imposes a period of court-approved community service of not less than two nor more than five years.

(4)  The court specifies in written form in the court record the reason for the imposition of community service in lieu of imprisonment.

B.  An offender sentenced under the provisions of this Article shall be subject to all conditions of supervised probation imposed by the court or as set forth by law.  The offender may have his probation revoked or modified as provided by law and shall not be allowed credit for time spent doing community service or for the time elapsed during suspension of the sentence.

Acts 1990, No. 462, §1; Acts 1991, No. 406, §1.

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