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      CCRP 915.1     


Art. 915.1.  Appeals; extension of return date; notice

A.  The trial court may grant one extension of the return date of not more than thirty days.  An extension may not be granted after the return date has passed.  The extension may be granted only upon proof presented by the moving party that additional time is necessary due to extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the moving party and that, without the extension, an unusual and undue hardship would be created.  A copy of the extension shall be filed with the appellate court and the clerk of the trial court.

B.  Subsequent extensions may be granted by the appellate court for sufficient cause or at the request of the court reporter as provided in Article 919.  When a subsequent extension is granted by the appellate court, notice thereof shall be given by mail by the clerk of the trial court to all parties.  Failure of the clerk of the trial court to mail such notice shall not affect the validity of the appeal nor will any error or defect which is not imputable to the appellant affect the validity of the appeal.

Acts 1988, No. 525, §1.

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