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      CCRP 922     


Art. 922.  Finality of judgment on appeal

A.  Within fourteen days of rendition of the judgment of the supreme court or any appellate court, in term time or out, a party may apply to the appropriate court for a rehearing.  The court may act upon the application at any time.

B.  A judgment rendered by the supreme court or other appellate court becomes final when the delay for applying for a rehearing has expired and no application therefor has been made.

C.  If an application for a rehearing has been made timely, a judgment of the appellate court becomes final when the application is denied.

D.  If an application for a writ of review is timely filed with the supreme court, the judgment of the appellate court from which the writ of review is sought becomes final when the supreme court denies the writ.

Acts 1983, No. 451, §1; Acts 1993, No. 976, §1.

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