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      CCRP 927     


Art. 927.  Procedural objections; answer

A.  If an application alleges a claim which, if established, would entitle the petitioner to relief, the court shall order the custodian, through the district attorney in the parish in which the defendant was convicted, to file any procedural objections he may have, or an answer on the merits if there are no procedural objections, within a specified period not in excess of thirty days.  If procedural objections are timely filed, no answer on the merits of the claim may be ordered until such objections have been considered and rulings thereon have become final.

B.  In any order of the court requiring a response by the district attorney pursuant to this Article, the court shall render specific rulings dismissing any claim which, if established as alleged, would not entitle the petitioner to relief, and shall order a response only as to such claim or claims which, if established as alleged, would entitle the petitioner to relief.

C.  If the court orders an answer filed, the court need not order production of the petitioner except as provided in Article 930.

Acts 1990, No. 523, §1.

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