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      CCRP 930     


Art. 930.  Evidentiary hearing

A.  An evidentiary hearing for the taking of testimony or other evidence shall be ordered whenever there are questions of fact which cannot properly be resolved pursuant to Articles 928 and 929.  The petitioner, in absence of an express waiver, is entitled to be present at such hearing, unless the only evidence to be received is evidence as permitted pursuant to Subsection B of this Section, and the petitioner has been or will be provided with copies of such evidence and an opportunity to respond thereto in writing.

B.  Duly authenticated records, transcripts, depositions, documents, or portions thereof, or admissions of facts may be received in evidence.

C.  No evidentiary hearing on the merits of a claim shall be ordered or conducted, nor shall any proffer of evidence be received over the objection of the respondent, and no ruling upon procedural objections to the petition shall purport to address the merits of the claim over the objection of the respondent, unless the court has first ruled upon all procedural objections raised by the respondent, and such rulings have become final.  Any language in a ruling on procedural objections raised by the respondent which purports to address the merits of the claim shall be deemed as null, void, and of no effect.

Acts 1990, No. 523, §1.

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