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      HRULE 14.17     


Rule 14.17.  Standing committees; interim; special appointments

The Speaker of the House may appoint not more than two additional members of the House, from time to time, to serve on each and every standing committee, but only for those hearings held during the interim between sessions of the legislature and only for such hearings thereof which shall have under consideration matters, subjects, or problems as provided in House Rule 14.16(A)(1), (2), and (3), about which such additional members shall possess or have expertise and/or experience.  The additional members appointed to standing committees, in accordance with the provisions hereof, shall have the same powers and duties relative to the matters, subjects, or problems under study or investigation, during the period of their service as enjoyed by the permanent membership of said committee.  The additional members shall have no authority to vote on the determination of a report by the committee on a prefiled legislative instrument.

HR 8, 1973; HR 4, 1978; HR 19, 1997, eff. April 11, 1997.

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