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      HRULE 3.5     


Rule 3.5.  House Legislative Services; executive director

A.  The Subcommittee on Personnel of the House Executive Committee shall be responsible for the employment and supervision of a research, drafting, and committee staff for the House of Representatives.  Such staff shall be designated as House Legislative Services, and shall have as its purpose the provision of research, drafting, and similar legislative services to the House of Representatives, its members, and committees.  The staff shall have, without limitation, the following duties: (1) the furnishing of research and bill drafting services to members of the House and the committees of the House; (2) providing objective reports on the context of pending and adopted legislation; (3) the preparation of manuals, directories, and similar informational materials for the use of the House and House staff; (4) providing professional services on behalf of the House of Representatives, or its committees; and (5) the performance of all other duties the subcommittee may deem essential to the work of the House and the legislature generally, and the members thereof.

B.  House Legislative Services shall be under the general supervision and control of the Subcommittee on Personnel of the House Executive Committee, which shall employ an executive director who shall be the administrative officer of House Legislative Services.  With respect to the operations of the standing committees of the House, supervision of the House Legislative Services staff personnel assigned to those committees shall be exercised by the executive director in coordination with the respective committee chairmen.

C.  The executive director, with the approval of the Subcommittee on Personnel of the House Executive Committee, shall have the authority to employ, terminate, and fix the salaries of such staff as shall be necessary to carry out the purposes of House Legislative Services pursuant to policies adopted by the subcommittee.

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