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      HRULE 9.11     


Rule 9.11.  Reconsideration

A.  A motion which has been made and has been adopted or rejected may be reconsidered; provided, however, that a motion which has been reconsidered shall not be reconsidered a second time.  It shall be in order for any member who voted on the prevailing side, that is, the side which received a plurality of the vote by which a motion was adopted or rejected, to offer a motion for the reconsideration of such motion.  In any case in which a motion was adopted or rejected without a record vote, any member may offer a motion for reconsideration.

B.  The motion to reconsider, to be in order, shall be made on, and, subject to the provisions of Paragraph C, shall be disposed of on the same day the original motion was adopted or rejected and when the motion is otherwise in order.  A subsidiary motion may not be reconsidered after the disposition of the main motion unless the latter shall have been reconsidered, nor shall the motion to reconsider the vote on the passage, adoption or concurrence in any instrument be in order after the instrument shall have gone out of the possession of the House.

C.  If the motion to reconsider the vote on the question of the passage, adoption, or concurrence in a legislative instrument is not laid on the table at the time the motion is made, the proponent of the motion shall give notice that on the next legislative day he will insist upon the motion to reconsider, whereupon the motion shall lie over until the appropriate order of business for reconsideration during the Morning Hour of the next legislative day.  The motion shall then be called in the appropriate Morning Hour for reconsideration on the next legislative day.  At such time, a motion to table the motion to reconsider shall be in order.  If reconsideration is granted, the instrument or report shall be returned to the calendar subject to call in the order of business to which it had otherwise last advanced.  However, if the motion to reconsider is made on the last legislative day or calendar day of a session, or the last legislative day or calendar day for consideration of bills on final passage, the motion need not lie over.  If reconsideration is granted on the last day of a session, the instrument or report may not be considered again by the House until all other House instruments and reports on House instruments have been considered by the House or returned to the calendar subject to call.

Mason's Manual:  Sec. 159

HR 3, 1973; HR 20, 1977; HR 45, 1998, eff. May 20, 1998; HR 76, 2007, eff. June 27, 2007.

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