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      CCRP 926.3     


Art. 926.3. Motion for testing of evidence

            A. Upon motion of the state or the petitioner, the district court may order the testing or examination of any evidence relevant to the offense of conviction in the custody and control of the clerk of court, the state, or the investigating law enforcement agency.

            B. If the motion is made by the petitioner and the state does not expressly consent to the testing or examination, a motion made under this Article shall be granted only following a contradictory hearing at which the petitioner shall establish that good cause exists for the testing or examination. If the state does not expressly consent to the testing or examination and the motion made under this Article is granted following the contradictory hearing, the district attorney and investigating law enforcement agency shall not be ordered to bear any of the costs associated with the testing or examination.

            Acts 2021, No. 104, §1.

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