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      SRULE 1.2     


Rule 1.2. Senate Chamber

           A. The Senate Chamber shall not be used as a public meeting place. It shall be used only by the legislature, the Democratic State Central Committee, and the Republican State Central Committee, except that when the legislature is not in session, the Pelican Boys State; the Pelican Girls State; the Jaycee Action, Silver Haired, Camp Fire Councils Youth, and YMCA Youth legislatures; the Young Democrats of Louisiana; and the College Republicans shall be allowed to use the chamber. The Secretary or his designee shall be present at each such meeting and shall supervise and control the use of the chamber and any of its facilities. Any such group desiring to use the chamber shall contact the Secretary at least thirty days prior to the date on which the meeting is scheduled.

           B. No meeting or public hearing of any legislative committee shall be held in the Senate Chamber at any time.

           C. The President shall designate a place in the Senate Chamber for the news media, and the members thereof shall have free access thereto. Accreditation of members of any news media for admission shall be administered by the President.

           D. The Senate Library and Sections C and D shall be for the exclusive use of members of the legislature and the persons designated in Senate Rule 1.3. No registered lobbyist shall be permitted in the Senate Library. Section B shall be for the exclusive use of the senators and immediate members of their family. No other person shall be allowed to sit in this Section.

           E. No disruptive conversations shall be held in the Senate Chamber. No conversation shall be held within the chamber, except in the presence of a senator, nor shall any conversation be held across the rail.

           F. Seating facilities shall be provided for the public in the Senate Gallery. Admittance shall be under such conditions as are determined by the President.

           G. A former member of the senate, except one who is a registered lobbyist, may enter those portions of the Senate Floor designated as Sections B, C, and D, the Senate Library, the office of the secretary, and that portion of the floor behind the Secretary's desk.

           SR 4 of 1996 RS

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