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      SRULE 3.5     


Rule 3.5. President Pro Tempore; duties

           The President Pro Tempore shall:

           (1) In the absence of the President, preside or call a member to preside over the Senate.

           (2) Upon the death or resignation of the President, assume the powers, duties, and emoluments of the President until a President is elected as provided in Senate Rule 3.2.

           (3) In case of the disability or temporary absence of the President, assume the powers, duties, and responsibilities of the President until the termination of the disability or absence. The Senate shall make appropriate financial recompense to the President Pro Tempore for his service during such time.

           (4) Determine the meeting time of the Senate, with concurrence of the Senate.

           (5) Perform such other duties as are assigned to him by the President, the Senate, the state constitution or laws, the Joint Rules of the Senate and House, the Senate rules, or otherwise by the Legislature.

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