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      RS 37:2175.2     


§2175.2.  Home improvement contracting; registration required

A.(1)  No person shall undertake, offer to undertake, or agree to perform home improvement contracting services unless registered with and approved by the Residential Building Contractors Subcommittee of the State Licensing Board for Contractors as a home improvement contractor.

(2)  Any home improvement contractor who possesses a certificate of registration from the subcommittee as of October 1, 2007, shall be entitled to complete any preexisting contracts he has entered into in excess of seventy-five thousand dollars without having to obtain a residential contractor's license as provided for in this Chapter.  However, such home improvement contractor shall be required to obtain a residential contractor's license prior to bidding or entering into any contracts in excess of seventy-five thousand dollars after October 1, 2007.

B.  In order to be registered as a home improvement contractor, an applicant must make a written application under oath to the subcommittee.  The application shall set forth information that includes the following:

(1)  The applicant's name, home address, business address, and social security number.

(2)  The names and addresses of any and all owners, partners, or trustees of the applicant including, in case of corporate entities, the names and addresses of any and all officers, directors, and principal shareholders.  This Section shall not apply to publicly traded companies.

(3)  A statement whether the applicant has ever been previously registered in the state as a home improvement contractor, under what other names he was previously registered, whether there have been previous judgments or arbitration awards against him, and whether his registration has ever been suspended or revoked.

C.  The applicant shall furnish the board proof of general liability insurance in a minimum amount of one hundred thousand dollars, proof of workers' compensation insurance, and proof of registration with the Department of Revenue by providing a certificate of resident/nonresident status.

D.  The subcommittee shall fix fees, in an amount not to exceed fifty dollars, in a manner established by its rules for the registration and renewal for home improvement contractors.

E.  No application for registration or renewal conforming to the requirements of this Section may be denied or revoked except for a finding by the subcommittee that the applicant has done one or more of the following acts which are grounds for denial:

(1)  Made material omissions or misrepresentations of fact on their application for registration or renewal.

(2)  Failed to pay either the registration fee or renewal fee.

(3)  Failed consistently to perform contracts or has performed contracts in an unworkmanlike manner or has failed to complete contracts with no good cause or has engaged in fraud or bad faith with respect to such contracts.

F.  The subcommittee shall issue and deliver a certificate of registration to all applicants who have been approved for registration.  Each certificate of registration issued by the subcommittee shall bear a number which shall be valid for one year from the date of its issuance and may be renewed upon approval of the subcommittee.  The certificate shall not be transferable.

Acts 2003, No. 1146, §2; Acts 2004, No. 724, §1; Acts 2007, No. 398, §1; Acts 2012, No. 193, §1.

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