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      RS 47:337.3     



§337.3. Imposition of political subdivision tax

A.  A taxing authority may continue to levy sales and use taxes under authority provided for such political subdivisions by the statutes or Constitution of Louisiana.

B.(1)  Notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, and in addition to any other authority to levy a sales and use tax, any political subdivision levying or authorized to levy any sales and use tax pursuant to voter approval is hereby authorized to renew or continue such sales and use tax, provided that the question of the renewal or continuation of such tax has been submitted to the qualified electors of the political subdivision at an election to be conducted in accordance with the election laws of the state of Louisiana and a majority of those voting in the election have voted in favor of the renewal or continuation of the tax.

(2)(a)  In accordance with the provisions of Article VI, Section 29(B) of the Constitution of Louisiana, any such renewal or continuation of a sales and use tax as provided for in this Subsection is hereby authorized to exceed the limitation set forth in Article VI, Section 29(A) of the Constitution of Louisiana and shall be in addition to any limit set forth in any other statute.

(b)  The authority granted in this Subsection shall not limit in any respect any taxing authority granted by any other provisions of law.

(3)  The proceeds derived from any such renewal or continuation of a sales and use tax shall be used solely for the purpose or purposes set forth in the renewal or continuation proposition approved by the voters of the political subdivision.

Acts 2003, No. 73, §1, eff. July 1, 2003; Acts 2004, No. 683, §2, eff. July 5, 2004.

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