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      RS 47:337.12     



§337.12.  Prohibition on levy or collection of tax on property or services performed outside territorial limits; prohibition regarding property stored for use outside the political subdivision

A.  No taxing authority shall levy or collect any sales tax on the sale of any goods or personal tangible property delivered or services performed outside the taxing jurisdiction.

B.  This Section shall apply to every political subdivision in the state of Louisiana, whether levying and collecting such tax under authority of general or special laws of the state or under powers granted in their charters or under any other authority or grant of the power to levy and collect sales or other taxes.  No provision in this Section shall be construed as infringing upon or limiting in any manner the right of political subdivisions to levy and collect in conformity with this Section any use tax heretofore or hereafter authorized.

C.(1)  No taxing authority shall levy or collect any use tax on the storage of property which has been documented for use outside the taxing jurisdiction of the taxing authority although the property may be stored within its taxing jurisdiction if the owners of such property which is to be stored for exclusive use outside the taxing jurisdiction have acquired a tax exemption certificate from the taxing authority's collector.

(2)  When a vendor is presented with a copy of a tax exemption certification from a vendee, the vendor shall be relieved from liability for the collection of use tax on such property.

(3)  If the property is removed from storage and is used within the taxing jurisdiction where it has been stored, the property shall be subject to taxation.

Acts 2003, No. 73, §1, eff. July 1, 2003.

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