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      RS 47:337.21     


§337.21.  Termination or transfer of business

A.  If any dealer liable for any tax, interest, or penalty levied hereunder sells his business or stock of goods or quits the business, he shall make a final return and payment within fifteen days after the date of selling or quitting the business.  His successor, successors, or assigns, if any, shall withhold sufficient of the purchase money to cover the amount of such taxes, interest, and penalties due and unpaid until such time as the former owner shall produce a receipt from the collector showing that they have been paid, or a certificate stating that no taxes, interest, or penalties are due.  If the purchaser of a business or stock of goods fails to withhold purchase money as above provided, he shall be personally liable for the payment of the taxes, interest, and penalties accrued and unpaid on account of the operation of the business by any former owner, owners, or assigns.

B.  In the case of a dealer who has quit a business, and who subsequently opens another similar business under the same ownership, whether that ownership is individual, partnership, corporation, or other, that dealer shall be liable for any tax, interest, or penalty owed by the original business.

Acts 2003, No. 73, §1, eff. July 1, 2003.

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