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      RS 47:337.32     


§337.32.  Failure to pay tax on imported tangible personal property; grounds for attachment

A.  The failure of any dealer to pay the tax and any interest, penalties, or costs due on any tangible personal property imported from outside the taxing jurisdiction for use, consumption, distribution or storage to be used in the taxing jurisdiction, or imported for the purpose of leasing or renting the same, shall make the tax, interest, penalties, or costs ipso facto delinquent.  This failure shall moreover be a sufficient ground for the attachment of the personal property imported wherever it may be found, whether the delinquent taxpayer is a resident or nonresident, and whether the property is in the possession of the delinquent taxpayer or in the possession of other persons.

B.  It is the intention of this law to prevent the disposition of the said tangible personal property in order to insure payment of the tax imposed by the local ordinance, together with interest, penalties and costs, and authority to attach is hereby specifically granted to the collector.  The procedure prescribed by law in attachment proceedings shall be followed except that no bond shall be required of the taxing authority.

Acts 2003, No. 73, §1, eff. July 1, 2003.

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