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      RS 47:337.74     


§337.74.  Insufficient funds check in payment of taxes; penalty

In the event a check used to make payment of a tax, interest, penalty, or other charges due is returned unpaid by the bank on which it is drawn for any reason related to the account on which the check is written, such shall constitute a failure to pay the tax, interest, penalty, or other charges due and a specific penalty shall be imposed on the taxpayer in addition to all other penalties provided by law; however, upon sufficient proof being furnished to the collector by the bank that the bank was at fault for the nonpayment of the check, the collector shall waive the penalty provided for in this Section.  This specific penalty shall be an obligation to be collected and accounted for in the same manner as if it were part of the tax, interest, penalty, or other charges that is due in payment of which the check was given and may be enforced in a separate action or in any action instituted for the collection of the tax, interest, penalty, or other charges.  After receipt of three insufficient fund checks during any two-year period, the collector may require payment of the taxes, interest, penalties, or other charges due by the taxpayer to be paid by certified check, money order, or cash.

Acts 2003, No. 73, §1, eff. July 1, 2003.

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