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      RS 47:337.85     


§337.85.  Payment of taxes by receivers, referees, trustees or liquidators

A.  All receivers, referees, trustees, or other officers appointed by any court, both state and federal, to administer or conduct any business in this state, or liquidators, whether judicial or extrajudicial, shall be subject to all local taxes applicable to such business the same as if such business were conducted by an individual or corporation, and before deducting or paying any salaries, fees or compensation to themselves or to any employees or agents, they shall pay all taxes owed by the said individual, partnership, association or corporation for whom they act to the taxing authority.

B.  Such receivers, referees, trustees, or liquidators, upon assuming their official duties, shall immediately ascertain from the proper authority the amount of taxes owed by said individual, partnership, association or corporation, whose estate they are administering, and in the event of their failure to so ascertain or pay all such taxes, shall be personally responsible for the unpaid taxes.

C.  If the assets of any partnership, association, or corporation are disposed of through liquidation by the officers or directors thereof without clearance from the collector of all unpaid taxes first being obtained, such officers or directors who disposed of such assets shall be personally liable, in solido, for the full amount of such taxes and any penalty and interest due thereon.

Acts 2003, No. 73, §1, eff. July 1, 2003.

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