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      RS 49:155.6     


§155.6.  State cultural poem

There shall be an official state cultural poem.  The official state cultural poem of Louisiana, written by Paul Ott and performed by cajun culinary legend Justin Wilson, and entitled, "I Am Louisiana", to read as follows:

"I'm Spanish moss on a live oak tree

Cajun fried shrimp and a cypress knee

I'm Bienville, Captain Shreve, Beauregard,

Zach Taylor and Jean LaFitte

I'm New Orleans, the land of dreams

Creole cookin' and a Mardi Gras king

I'm a thoroughbred racin' at Louisiana Downs

Avery Island and a catahoula hound

I'm the Louisiana Hayride and the birth of the blues

The Evangeline, Chickory Coffee and Baton Rouge

I'm when the Saints Go Marchin' In . . . the Superdome

The Atchafalaya and an old plantation home

I'm jambalaya, a catfish fry and a file' gumbo

A sugar cane patch, Pete Fountain,

French Quarter and Satchmo

Well, I'm the Mississippi River

As it rounds the bend

I Am Louisiana

Ya'll Come Back Again."

Acts 2006, No. 843, §1.

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