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      RS 22:885     


§885. Cancellation by the insured; surrender

            A. Cancellation by the insured of any policy which by its terms may be cancelled at the insured's option or of any binder based on the policy shall be effected only by written notice thereof to the insurer. Nothing in this Subsection shall be construed to require an insurer to cancel any policy or any binder based on the policy prior to the date of receipt by the insurer of the written notice required by this Subsection.

            B. Within thirty days following such cancellation the insurer shall pay to the insured or to the person entitled thereto as shown by the insurer's records, any unearned portion of any premium paid on the policy as computed on the customary pro rata rate, unless otherwise stated in a policy that has been filed with and approved by the commissioner, and any unearned commission. If no premium has been paid on the policy, the insured shall be liable to the insurer for premium for the period during which the policy was in force. Except for surplus line insurers, any assessment of a monetary penalty by an insurer against an insured as a result of the insured's cancellation prior to the expiration of any policy is prohibited. Nothing in this Section shall prohibit an insurer from calculating unearned premium based on a short-rate provision contained in any insurance policy that has been filed with and approved by the commissioner.

            C. The written notice of cancellation of a policy to the insurer for any cause by any person named therein as having an interest insured under the policy shall create a presumption that the cancellation is agreed to by all persons so named.

            D. This Section shall not apply to life insurance policies, annuity contracts, policies defined in R.S. 22:47(16)(b), or contracts provided for in Subpart C of Part IV of this Chapter.

            E. With respect to the cancellation of liability automobile insurance, the office of motor vehicles shall not assess the fees set forth by R.S. 32:863(A)(3)(a) when the insured surrenders the license plate of the uninsured vehicle to the office of motor vehicles within ten calendar days from the date of notice prescribed by R.S. 32:863.2(E).

            F. For purposes of this Section, "written" shall mean the insured's intentional recording of words in a visual form, whether in the form of handwriting, printing, typewriting, electronic communication, or any other tangible form.

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