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      RS 3:1413     


§1413.  Restrictions on sale of fertilizer

A.  Each person who manufactures, sells, or offers fertilizer for sale under his name or brand shall register with the commission.  Such registration shall be renewed annually on January first.  Renewal of registration may be denied by the commissioner for cause.

B.  All fertilizers sold in the state must be labeled by tag or printed label if packaged and by invoice if in bulk to show:

(1)  Name and address of registrant.

(2)  Net weight of contents of package.  Bulk deliveries must be accompanied by stamped weight tickets, unless otherwise provided by the commission.

(3)  The minimum percent by weight of nitrogen (N).

(4)  The minimum percent by weight of available phosphoric acid (P2O5).

(5)  The minimum percent by weight of soluble potash (K2O).

(6)  In the case of bone, rock phosphate, basic slag, and other materials of low available phosphorus, the total content of phosphoric acid (P2O5) shall be guaranteed in lieu of available phosphoric acid (P2O5).

(7)  The commission shall be authorized to permit guarantees for phosphorus and potassium on an elemental basis and to make such changes in other provisions of this Subpart as are appropriate.

(8)  Other elements having value as fertilizer: the minimum percent by weight shall be guaranteed on an elemental basis provided minimum levels set by the commission are met or exceeded.

C.(1)  Every person manufacturing or selling fertilizer as defined in R.S. 3:1411 shall pay to the commission an inspection fee of one dollar per ton on all fertilizers sold in the state, provided that in lieu of the inspection fee, those selling small package goods in total amount of less than one hundred tons per year shall pay a one hundred dollar fee.

(2)(a)  Payment of the inspection fee shall be on the basis of tonnage reports submitted by the registrant who prior to making sales must file a statement with the commission agreeing to keep such records as are necessary to accurately indicate the tonnage and kind of fertilizer sold and must grant the commissioner the right to examine such records for verification of the statement of tonnage.  The tonnage reports shall be made on forms supplied by the commissioner for supplying the necessary tonnage and statistical information.  The tonnage reports and inspection fees shall be due and payable on the first day of April, the first day of July, the first day of October, and the first day of January.  The minimum inspection fee due for each quarter shall be ten dollars.

(b)  If the report is not filed and payment made within thirty days after the due date, a penalty of ten percent of the amount due shall be assessed against the registrant.  If payment is not made within thirty days after the due date, the amount of fees due plus the penalty shall constitute a debt and shall become the basis for a judgment against the registrant.

(c)  Any information as to the amount of fertilizer sold and business practices of the registrant obtained from tonnage reports and from inspection of records and books shall remain confidential and shall not be subject to disclosure as a public record.

D.(1)  No superphosphate containing less than eighteen percent available phosphoric acid (P2O5) shall be sold in this state.

(2)  The provisions of this Subsection shall not apply to specialty fertilizer as defined in R.S. 3:1411 or to mixtures whose primary purpose is to supply the so-called "minor elements".

E.  However, upon a determination by the commissioner that a shortage of fertilizer exists to a degree sufficient to constitute an emergency, he may authorize the sale of basic slag with not less than three units of phosphate and six units of soluble potash to be used as fertilizer during such emergency.

Acts 2010, No. 579, §1; Acts 2012, No. 15, §1.

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