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      CCRP 729.7     


Art. 729.7.  Protection of witness identity

A.  Notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, the district attorney or the defendant may delete or excise from any information required to be disclosed herein any information which identifies a witness if such party believes the witness's safety may be compromised by the disclosure.  If a party objects to the deletion or excision, he must do so by written motion.  The court shall maintain the deletion or excision if, at an ex parte proceeding which shall be recorded and maintained under seal, the party excising or deleting such information makes a prima facie showing that the witness's safety may be compromised by the disclosure.

B.  If the information excised by a party includes the substance, or any part thereof, of any written or recorded statement of the witness, that party must provide the excised substance, or any part thereof, to the other party immediately prior to the witness's testimony at the trial.

C.  If a judge finds that the party excising or deleting such information has  failed to present prima facie proof to support the deletion or excision of information related to a witness, then upon the motion of either party, the court shall order an automatic stay of all matters related to the disclosure of information about the witness and maintain all proceedings under seal during the time while the moving party seeks supervisory review to the appropriate reviewing courts with appellate jurisdiction, including the Louisiana Supreme Court.

D.  The rules of evidence shall not be applicable to the ex parte proceedings conducted pursuant to this Article.

Acts 2013, No. 250, §1.

NOTE: See Acts 2013, No. 250, §2, relative to applicability.

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