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      CCRP 903.1     


Art. 903.1. Substance abuse probation program; eligibility

            A. In order to be eligible for the substance abuse probation program, the defendant must be charged with a violation of a statute of this state relating to the use and possession of or possession with intent to distribute any narcotic drugs, coca leaves, marijuana, stimulants, depressants, or hallucinogenic drugs, or where there is a significant relationship between the use of alcohol or drugs and the crime before the court.

            B. The provisions of this Article shall not apply to any defendant who has been convicted of a crime of violence as defined in R.S. 14:2(B), except for a first conviction of an offense with a maximum prison sentence of ten years or less that was not committed against a family member or household member as defined by R.S. 14:35.3, or against a dating partner as defined by R.S. 46:2151, or a sex offense as defined in R.S. 15:541, or any defendant who has participated in or declined to participate in a drug division probation program as provided for in R.S. 13:5301 et seq.

Acts 2013, No. 389, §1; Acts 2015, No. 199, §2; Acts 2017, No. 280, §1, eff. November 1, 2017.

NOTE: Pursuant to the Section 2 of Act No. 199 of the 2015 R.S., the provisions of Articles 903 through 903.3 enacted by Section 4 of Act No. 389 of the 2013 R.S. shall become null, void, and have no effect on August 1, 2020, and thereafter

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