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      CCRP 903.3     


Art. 903.3. Substance abuse treatment program; cost

            A. A defendant who is placed under the supervision of the substance abuse probation program shall pay the cost of the treatment program to which he is assigned and the cost of any additional supervision that may be required to the extent of his financial resources as determined by the substance abuse treatment program.

            B. If the defendant does not have the financial resources to pay all the related costs of the probation program, the court may do either of the following:

            (1) To the extent practicable, arrange for the defendant to be assigned to a treatment program funded by the state or federal government.

            (2) With the recommendation of the treatment program, order the defendant to perform supervised work for the benefit of the community in lieu of paying all or a part of the costs related to his treatment and supervision. The work shall be performed for and under the supervising authority of a parish, municipality, or other political subdivision or agency of the state or a charitable organization that renders service to the community or its residents.

            Acts 2013, No. 389, §1.

NOTE: Pursuant to the Section 2 of Act No. 199 of the 2015 R.S., the provisions of Articles 903 through 903.3 enacted by Section 4 of Act No. 389 of the 2013 R.S. shall become null, void, and have no effect on August 1, 2020, and thereafter.

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