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      RS 32:398.1     



§398.1.  Traffic citations; form; issuance

A.  All traffic enforcement agencies in this state shall provide traffic citations in appropriate form containing notices to appear, which shall be issued through one of the following manners:

(1)  Books with citations in quadruplicate and meeting the requirements of this Part and approved by the commissioner.

(2)  Electronic tickets or e-tickets meeting the requirements of this Part and approved by the commissioner.  For the purposes of this Section, an "electronic ticket" or "e-ticket" means a ticket that is electronically generated and transmitted.

B.  The chief administrative officer of each traffic-enforcement agency shall issue these books, maintain a record of each book and each citation contained therein issued to all individual members of the traffic enforcement agency and shall require and retain a receipt for each book issued.

C.  The issuance of warning citations for violations of the motor vehicle laws of this state is hereby specifically prohibited. However, nothing herein shall prohibit a peace officer from issuing a violation ticket which compels or instructs the motorist to comply with administrative or other legal requirements of Title 32 or Title 47 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes of 1950.

Added by Acts 1968, No. 273, §5.  Amended by Acts 1977, No. 113, §1, eff. June 22, 1977; Acts 1997, No. 759, §1, eff. July 10, 1997; Acts 2008, No. 175, §1.

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