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      RS 3:1417     


§1417.  Violations

A.  Failure to comply with the provisions of this Subpart or with the rules and regulations adopted pursuant to this Subpart constitutes a violation, including but not limited to:

(1)  Interfering with the commissioner, the state chemist, or their representatives in the performance of their duties in carrying out the provisions of this Subpart.

(2)  Falsifying a tonnage report or otherwise avoiding payment of the inspection fee.

(3)  Making, on bags or packages or in any printed or advertising matter issued or circulated, any false or misleading statement concerning the value of a fertilizer.

(4)  Adulterating any lot or shipment of fertilizer sold in this state.

(5)  Failing to register with the commission as required.

(6)  Failing to properly label fertilizer sold in this state or to provide labels for fertilizer.

(7)  Failing to timely pay the fees, penalties, and other costs imposed.

(8)  Failing to timely file the reports required by this Subpart or to fully report the information required by such reports.

(9)  Altering, forging, counterfeiting, or using without authority any registration or other document provided for in this Subpart or in the rules or regulations adopted pursuant to the provisions of this Subpart.

B.  Each violation shall be considered a separate offense, and each day on which a violation occurs or continues to occur shall be considered a separate offense.

Acts 2010, No. 579, §1.

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