RS 49:158     

§158.  Louisiana Day

A.  April 30th of each year is hereby designated as "Louisiana Day", which shall not be a legal holiday.  

B.  All civic and educational organizations and groups, and all service organizations and the governing authorities of all parishes and municipalities are urged to sponsor and arrange programs in celebration of said day, in order better to acquaint the citizenship of our state and particularly its young people, with its wealth, history, romance and legends and to stimulate our pride in its position of importance among its sister states.  

C.  The governor is urged to issue his proclamation each year in advance of said day, calling upon all its citizens to display replicas of its seal, its flag, its flower and all other insignia emblematic of the great state of Louisiana, in order to inspire its youth in the study of the lives of its distinguished citizens, past and contemporary.  

Acts 1954, No. 44, §§1-3.