CCRP 269     

Art. 269.  Arrest prior to demand for extradition; issuance of warrant

A judge may issue a warrant for the arrest of a person in this state, prior to a demand for extradition in conformity with Article 263, when on the oath or affidavit of a credible person, taken before a judge or clerk of court, the person to be arrested is charged with:

(1)  Being a fugitive from justice of another state;

(2)  Commission of a crime in another state; or

(3)  Having been convicted of a crime in another state, and having escaped from confinement or having broken the terms of his bail, probation, parole, furlough, or reprieve.

In this article, "judge" means any judge of a district, city, or parish court with criminal jurisdiction.

Amended by Acts 1970, No. 292, §1.