CCRP 656     

Art. 656.  Additional mental examinations

A.  Upon receipt of the superintendent's report, filed in conformity with Article 655, the review panel may examine the committed person and report, to the court promptly, whether he can be safely discharged, conditionally or unconditionally, or be safely released on probation, without danger to others or to himself.

B.  The committed person or the district attorney may also retain a physician to examine the committed person for the same purpose.  The physician's report shall be filed with the court.

C.  Upon receipt by the superintendent of the state hospital or other treatment facility to which the person has been committed of the recommendation of the hospital-based treatment team that the person is appropriate for probated outpatient status as set forth in this Chapter, the superintendent shall immediately forward such recommendation to the administrator of the conditional release  program, together with the proposed aftercare plans.  The administrator or a designee shall submit to the review panel a recommended plan, if appropriate, for outpatient supervision and monitoring.  The plan shall set forth any additional terms and conditions to be followed during outpatient status, if recommended.

Acts 1987, No. 928, §1, eff. July 20, 1987; Acts 1995, No. 800, §1.