HRULE 12.7     

Rule 12.7.  Interim Calendar

The Clerk shall maintain and shall regularly mail to all members of the legislature a copy of an Interim Calendar, which may be informally reproduced.  The Clerk shall also make such Interim Calendar available to the news media, the public, and to all registered lobbyists who file a written request for such Interim Calendar.  The Interim Calendar with respect to all House instruments shall list the title of prefiled instruments, shall indicate all those which have been referred to committee, and shall indicate the committee to which each has been referred, either by the Speaker or by the House and Governmental Affairs Committee.  The Interim Calendar shall also indicate any report which a committee has determined it will make to the House on each measure for which it has determined such a report and for which it has filed such report with the Clerk.

HR 17, 1973; HR 4, 1978; HR 19, 1997, eff. April 11, 1997.