SRULE 13.14     

Rule 13.14. Subcommittees; establishment; authority

A. Each standing committee established in Rule 13.1 and each joint committee established as provided in Rule 13.12, with the approval of the President, may appoint subcommittees and authorize them to meet and to take action, subject to approval of the full committee.

B. The chairman and vice chairman and the members of each subcommittee shall be appointed by the chairman of the full committee.

C. A subcommittee is authorized to undertake studies on matters within the scope of its jurisdiction only when directed to do so by the full committee.

D. Subcommittee reports shall be submitted to the full committee for approval, rather than to the Senate directly. No report or recommendation of a subcommittee shall be binding on the full committee.

E. A subcommittee shall have no authority to establish subcommittees.