RS 13:5200     


§5200. Declaration of purpose

            A. The purpose of this Part is to improve the administration of justice in small noncriminal cases, and make the judicial system more available to and comprehensible by the public; to simplify practice and procedure in the commencement, handling, and trial of such cases in order that plaintiffs may bring actions in their own behalf, and defendants may participate actively in the proceedings rather than default; to provide an efficient and inexpensive forum with the objective of dispensing justice in a speedy manner; and generally to promote the confidence of the public in the overall judicial system by providing a forum for small claims.

            B. In an effort to improve access to justice, the Louisiana Supreme Court has initiated an Online Dispute Resolution Pilot Project Program as provided in Part XVIII-A of this Chapter to include all small claims cases filed in the City Court of East St. Tammany beginning January 1, 2022, and continuing until the Louisiana Supreme Court or Louisiana Legislature terminates the program.

            Added by Acts 1977, No. 710, §1; Acts 2021, No. 281, §1.