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Amendments to the LA Constitution of 1974
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Code of Evidence
CE 101 Scope
CE 102 Purpose and construction
CE 103 Rulings on evidence
CE 104 Preliminary questions
CE 105 Limited admissibility
CE 201 Judicial notice of adjudicative facts generally
CE 202 Judicial notice of legal matters
CE 301 Scope of Chapter
CE 302 Definitions
CE 303 Conclusive presumptions
CE 304 Rebuttable presumptions
CE 305 Effect of presumptions if there is no controverting evidence
CE 306 Effect of presumptions if there is controverting evidence
CE 307 Jury instructions
CE 308 Effect of the term "prima facie" in legislation
CE 401 Definition of "relevant evidence"
CE 402 Relevant evidence generally admissible; irrelevant evidence inadmissible
CE 403 Exclusion of relevant evidence on grounds of prejudice, confusion, or waste of time
CE 404 Character evidence generally not admissible in civil or criminal trial to prove conduct; exceptions; other criminal acts
CE 405 Methods of proving character
CE 406 Habit; routine practice; methods of proof
CE 407 Subsequent remedial measures
CE 408 Compromise and offers to compromise
CE 409 Payment of medical and similar expenses
CE 410 Inadmissibility of pleas, plea discussions, and related statements
CE 411 Liability insurance
CE 412 Victim's past sexual behavior in sexual assault cases; trafficking offenses
CE 412.1 Victim's attire in sexual assault cases
CE 412.2 Evidence of similar crimes, wrongs, or acts in sex offense cases
CE 412.3 Statements made by victims of trafficking during investigations
CE 412.4 Evidence of similar crimes, wrongs, or acts in domestic abuse cases, cruelty against juveniles cases
CE 412.5 Evidence of similar crimes, wrongs, or acts in certain civil cases
CE 413 Settlement or tender
CE 414 Worker's compensation payments
CE 415 Act of contacting or retaining an attorney
CE 501 Scope of privileges
CE 502 Waiver of privilege
CE 503 Comment on or inference from claim of privilege; instructions; exception
CE 504 Spousal confidential communications privilege
CE 505 Spousal witness privilege
CE 506 Lawyer-client privilege
CE 507 Subpoena of lawyer or his representative in criminal cases
CE 508 Subpoena of lawyer or his representative in civil cases
CE 509 Work product rule not affected
CE 510 Health care provider-patient privilege
CE 511 Communications to clergymen
CE 512 Political vote
CE 513 Trade secrets
CE 514 Identity of informer
CE 515 Accountant-client privilege
CE 516 Subpoena of accountant or his representative in criminal cases
CE 517 Subpoena of accountant; civil, juvenile, administrative proceedings
CE 518 Trained peer support member privilege
CE 519 Subpoena of judge or his representative in civil and criminal cases
CE 601 General rule of competency
CE 602 Lack of personal knowledge
CE 603 Oath or affirmation
CE 604 Interpreters
CE 605 Disqualification of judge as witness
CE 606 Disqualification of juror as witness
CE 607 Attacking and supporting credibility generally
CE 608 Attacking or supporting credibility by character evidence
CE 609 Attacking credibility by evidence of conviction of crime in civil cases
CE 609.1 Attacking credibility by evidence of conviction of crime in criminal cases
CE 610
CE 611 Mode and order of interrogation and presentation
CE 612 Writing used to refresh memory
CE 613 Foundation for extrinsic attack on credibility
CE 614 Calling and questioning of witnesses by court
CE 615 Exclusion of witnesses
CE 701 Opinion testimony by lay witnesses
CE 702 Testimony by experts
CE 703 Bases of opinion testimony by experts
CE 704 Opinion on ultimate issue
CE 705 Disclosure of facts or data underlying expert opinion; foundation
CE 706 Court appointed experts
CE 801 Definitions
CE 802 Hearsay rule
CE 803 Hearsay exceptions; availability of declarant immaterial
CE 803.1 Hearsay exceptions; foreign records of regularly conducted activity
CE 804 Hearsay exceptions; declarant unavailable
CE 805 Hearsay within hearsay
CE 806 Attacking and supporting credibility of declarant
CE 901 Requirement of authentication or identification
CE 902 Self-authentication
CE 903 Subscribing witness' testimony unnecessary
CE 904 Self-authentication of copies of public documents
CE 905 Self-authentication of other public records
CE 1001 Definitions
CE 1002 Requirement of original
CE 1003 Admissibility of duplicates
CE 1003.1 Electronic duplicates
CE 1004 Admissibility of other evidence of contents
CE 1005 Public records
CE 1006 Summaries
CE 1007 Testimony or written admission of party
CE 1008 Functions of court and jury
CE 1101 Applicability
CE 1102 Title
CE 1103 Repealed by Acts 1995, No. 1300, 2.
CE 1104 State v. Prieur; pretrial; burden of proof

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