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      CHC 1431     


Art. 1431. Coroner's examination; emergency certificate

            A. Upon the request of a credible adult who is financially unable to afford a private physician or who cannot immediately obtain an examination by a physician, the parish coroner may render, or the coroner or a judge of a court of competent jurisdiction may cause to be rendered by a physician, an actual examination of a minor alleged to be mentally ill or suffering from substance abuse and in need of immediate medical treatment because he is dangerous to self or others or gravely disabled. If the coroner is not a physician he may deputize a physician to perform this examination.

            B. Failure to render an actual examination prior to execution of the emergency certificate shall be evidence of gross negligence.

            C. To accomplish the examination authorized by this Article, if the coroner or the judge is apprehensive that his own safety or that of the deputy or other physician may be endangered thereby, he shall issue a protective custody order pursuant to Chapter 8 of this Title.

            D. If the examining physician determines that the provisions of this Article are met, he shall execute an emergency certificate and shall transport or cause to be transported the minor named in the emergency certificate to a treatment facility in accordance with the provisions of Article 1427.

            Acts 1991, No. 235, §14, eff. Jan. 1, 1992; Acts 2016, No. 642, §1.

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